Jammin’ to Jerusalema

LLG was able to use the networks created through the M’AID in Markhouse project to design and deliver a “ Dancing on the Streets” style community event in July 21. We worked with small groups on local streets or back gardens to learn the dance steps to the Jerusalema soundtrack over 10 weeks. This had become a world wide phenomena from its launch in South Africa at the end of 2019- early 2020 with people getting together to perform it in many countries from the beeches of India to the supermarkets of France, the Swiss police to the Irish Garda. Palestine to Israel. The track symbolised hope and resilience through the pandemic and we were keen for our community to share in this experience. So – on a bright sunny Sunday some 80 people danced together on the street in Markhouse ward, sharing fun food and friendship with African drummers engaging children in a workshop – a fitting end to lockdown and the start of the summer holiday.

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