June 28

Ubuntu in Newham

Post the Conversations For Change training which accredited participants as peer coaches, LLG delivered three distinct actions to bring people together in a spirit of care and compassion.

-Young people made summer hampers for neighbours living across from the youth club to build positive relationships and invited them to a community barbecue. Neighbours reacted with surprise then pleasure at receiving this unexpected gesture of friendship from young people and came to the barbecue with a more open attitude towards young people whom they had previously treated with suspicion.

– A hot summers day provided an ideal opportunity for LLG to offer free hugs and cards of hope to random strangers on the public around Beckton. These were received with both surprise and delight with 100 people speaking to us and sharing their stories. Many thought this was a great idea and expressed their gratitude for how this act of kindness lifted their day.

– LLG spent the week before Christmas creating gift packs for vulnerable elderly members of a local church as well as sending gifts to brothers who had lost their mother through illness. This gesture of care was greatly appreciated

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