M’Aid in Markhouse

M’Aid in Markhouse evolved out of the relationships forged through Mutual Aid Makhouse Ward, Walthamstow between neighbours volunteering to minimise the impact of Covid on vulnerable members of the community experiencing isolation and food poverty. This project funded by Near Neighbours aimed to create an accessible point of reference to access support, information, activities, facilities and opportunities for local residents to help themselves and/ or give back through volunteering initiatives. 

LLG facilitated a group of volunteers to identify local needs, research existing provision and services as a starting point. This information subject to approval from the service provider was then used to create a ward website publicised in local languages through publicity disseminated through schools, faith groups, hospitality / retail venues and whats app street groups. Publicity was further enhanced with marketing items like a cotton tote bag given out at community events. The website was used to support successful campaigns for local causes such as supplying sufficient laptops for young people in both a primary and secondary school and community cohesion events. 

See more at www.markhousecommunity.co.uk

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