It all adds up…


Erasmus+ awarded us a grant to host a Europe wide training course for youth workers exploring human rights and refugees.

Comic Relief funded capacity building for staff to become mental health first aid instructors.

Charles S French gave us £5,000.00 to cover the ongoing costs of delivering the programme. This fund for the first mean we were able to focus purely on our work and not worry about operational cover for administration, insurance and other overheads. Thank you Charles S French!

Woodward Trust gave us £500.00 to help with our street cafe project aiming to build community cohesion and a safer neighbourhood.


Erasmus+ awarded us the grant requested to run Creativity 5 in the UK with nine European nations involving over 85 participants.

Near Neighbours also gave us just under £5,000.00 to extend the street cafe idea as a partnership programme with the women’s interfaith network in Waltham Forest. (See the Shape Your Street Project)

Awards For All gave  us £10,000.00 to deliver our Mind Your Mind training package which aims to create mental health first aiders who are active within their community



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