Winter of natural beauty

After a summer of working with professional herbal medical experts making all natural hand made products and getting all the paperwork done to sell our products it was finally time to share the good stuff with others at Christmas time.

With the lip balms, hand cream, body butter, shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, bath bombs and teas all labelled with all the information required we hit the Christmas markets and fairs. We held stalls at Forest Gate,  the United Nations International Maritime Organisation’s, Barclay’s Bank and at Kingford School. We also sold the products to our friends and family wrapping them up as Fit Kits and Winter Soothers in time for Christmas.

Despite the blistering cold, downpour of rain and the slow start we carried on right through the festive period. The all natural ingredients excited people as they learnt about the benefits of lavender or rose or shea or cocoa butter! The Hands UP hand cream proved exceptionally popular – Everyone who tried it just had to buy some – even selling out on some stalls.

“I must say that I absolutely fell in love with all the cosmetic products that I bought that day. I also gave some of the products to my sister for her birthday and even though she is very sensitive to most cosmetic 
products, these do not irritate her skin at all, so she is very happy too. Thank you a million for that!”  – Aneta 

So far we have managed to sell £1,000.00 worth of products and are looking forward to setting up an online shop so that eventually, this becomes sustainable.

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