UBUNTU – by Reiss

Ubuntu Workshop

Ubuntu is defined as the essence of being human; stressing the importance of peace and interconnectedness meaning that humans cannot live in isolation.

Through LoveLife, a group of us had a day to experience a term foreign to us – Ubuntu. Although we had never heard of it before, we quickly had the opportunity to experience Ubuntu and apply it in everyday situations; as humans who cannot live in isolation, how would we share our abilities to be generous to one another and create peace rather than segregation? Through the use of different scenarios, such as how Ubuntu is around us, we explored aspects of Ubuntu in daily life through our personal selves; what places did we feel Ubuntu? How could we try to apply that, and what could we do in order to do so?

During this experience, I mostly enjoyed learning something new. I believe that positivity should be spread, and through the teaching of Ubuntu we were able to share the importance of that value amongst us and apply it to real life situations. Of course, the values of Ubuntu were not forced upon us. LoveLife had organised a full day session for those who wished to attend in order to discover the skills surrounding coaching, and the core value behind it was Ubuntu.

Rukiyah, who is a senior member of the Desmond Tutu Foundation, along with Jasmine, one of LoveLife’s main facilitators, shared her experiences of peace building and ensured that those values and ideas of the sharing of positivity were delivered to us with coherence, making it easy for us to apply Ubuntu to everyday situations.

To sum up, the experience of learning about Ubuntu was a great way to work closely with one another, despite most of us at LoveLife being from different backgrounds, and having the opportunity to find out that we all share similar values.

By Reiss

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