Humanities Hand training course

Early last month, the loveLife team organised an international training course with our European partners called Humanities Hand. The objective of the training was to bring together youth workers and those who work with young people to look at methodologies and resources that could be deployed at a local level. The context for this training was looking at the needs of migrants and refugees on their pathway to integration within their new home.

We worked with our partners from Croatia, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, and Malta to discover the journey made by both migrants and refugees coming to Europe. We explored some of the methods by which they attempt to integrate within their new communities and how communities can facilitate that integration. All the themes for this training course were explored using non-formal education methodologies.

Beyond the exploration of the theme and the development of new resources and skills in working with these groups of young people, we also actively engaged in personal and professional development. Setting activities and group tasks that encouraged the integration and networking of the participants themselves. The group were incredibly aware of the different situations that many migrants and refugees find in the countries of our participants home. They bought with them many examples and case studies from unique situations that allowed us to develop targeted resources for specific contexts in our future work with young people.

The work of the training course is on-going in the development and dissemination of outcomes. We are working hard with our partners to explore a longer-term partnership that can take the work that was done on this training course and build it into a long term sustainable programme that can help inform, educate, and support the next generation of youth workers in Europe.

This work continues and we are always grateful for the support we receive from you. We are working on several projects that are aiming to improve the experience, contributions, and future of young people across Europe and your support is still as important as ever. Click here to discover how you can help.

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