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We were fortunate enough to have a 4 loveLife Generation youngsters visit Atlanta over the summer where they took part in Usher’s New Look Foundation’s youth conference.
They mingled with young leaders from all over the world, learnt from each other and shared their experiences. Some of the young people showcased some of their spoken word in fornt of an audience which included Usher and Dougie Fresh…and for Salma this was her first time performing her poetry in public!!!
Last week two of our young leaders (Salma and Chandni) were trained up to run the Powered By Service training over a video conference with the leaders in Atlanta. Imagine. They were across the Ocean from them, yet it seemed like they were in the same room!
This was very exciting and today loveLife Generation delivered this training to a group of young people 🙂 Bring on the ACTION PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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