Define Your Destiny – loveLife Generations 2011

Well what a year it has been-

Every time I have tried to list everything we have done this year, I always miss things out ! Some time in the beginning of the year we were fortunate enough to take part in Usher’s New Look Foundation workshop where the man himself graced us with his presence! And some time near the end of the year we were selling our all natural ‘hand made with love’ products with the Generation that have branded themselves as ‘Double L G’

I am going to attempt to highlight some of our achievements of 2011 but before I do, A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved, inspired, motivated and supported us. Keep flying high.

Ushers New Look Foundation – February and July 
After having taken part in a workshop run by young people from the Foundation; being graced with Usher’s presence and been given tickets to see Usher in concert a few of the loveLife Generation were given the oppotunity to attend a youth conference in Atlanta. They mingled, showcased talent and shared their experiences. On return the young loveLife Generation members trained and delivered the New Look Foundation’s workshop with young people in Newham. 
Take Back The Future 2011
We run this programme very successfully over 2011in partnership with NAADV. The young people involved were enthused and each cohort produced used their creativity and made a short film ‘Hidden Heroes’; a music track and spoken word pieces. 

Arianne De Rothschild Fellowship August 2011
I spent 2 weeks in the summer in Cambridge learning all about Social Entrepreneurship to ensure that loveLife Generation has a sustainable  future…

Swedish exchange – August 2011
 We had a whirlwind when young people from Sweden came over on the R.E.S.P.E.C.T exchange funded by  the British Council’s Youth In Action.
We ran workshops on gender equality, put on cultural shows for each other and made great memories. 

Peace Awards September 2011
On 20th September 2011,  loveLife Generation  was shortlisted for the prestigious London Peace Awards hosted by Mayor Boris Johnson. We were awarded a certificate for our bridge building work on the ‘Village in the City‘ project

Greece – Creativity September 2011 
Creativity Six was back in Greece in September 2011. loveLife groundbreakers aged 18 – 26 years spent ten glorious days with 120 young people from 12 EU nations developing the theme of volunteering and activism in creative ways.

Future 100 Award November 2011
We are very pleased to announce that we are a FUTRE 100 winner which recognises the success of young entrepreneurs who ‘demonstrate flair and innovation in progressing a responsible business venture’

The Hallywell Experience Winter 2011
How well do you know your neighbours? Well after our ‘Village in the City’ project the neighbours of Hallywell Crescent are better acquainted. Every Sunday loveLife Generation put on different activities and brought the community together – see our earlier blog on this project.

Hand made with love Winter 2011
Having learnt all about making natural products LLG made natural products and sold their Winter Warmers in time for the christmas stockings!


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