Being a Mentor – by Adrianna Wisnia

Over the course of two months myself and 20 other students have been apart of a peer mentoring programme with loveLife Generation.
At the beginning it has been challenging, as we have all been anxious on how to approach young people without secondary thoughts, however we have all remembered some of the techniques from previously carrying out mentoring programme with a group of Kingsford lower years students. Those mentoring sessions have also included learning about the boundaries between us and our mentee’s as we would have regular meetings with them. We must always be aware that we don’t grow a closer bond with out mentees even though sometimes it may be quite hard to keep space between us and still keep them feeling comfortable around us.

Throughout this time there have also been many fascinating practices which have enabled us to prepare for the real meeting with our peer mentee’s. Group work is what I enjoy the most about these sessions as we can all come together as one and learn from each other. This programme enabled me to develop my confidence, self esteem and has build determination to make a positive change in someone else’s life through mentoring.

During our sessions we have also learnt about the no blame approach where we ask questions around the subject of matter to prevent more damage from occurring and causing further conflict between the two peers.

Overall, I can honestly say that this programme teaches me life skills which enable me to develop my own personality and shape it. What we practise is everyday problems which we all face in our everyday life from bullying to feeling low or misinterpreting what someone else has said about us. Opinions will always be shared about us and between us, but it’s what we do with it can change our perspective on everything. One crucial thing about these sessions is the positive thinking that we must always have when attending these sessions as it has a big impact on how the session goes, how much we learn as a person as well as how we apply it to everyday life scenarios.

Each week has bought something new to us and has given us the chance to not only be prepared to help and support others but to become a better person. The experience which I have gained from these sessions is incredible and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the life of others and enhance their own abilities.

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