loveLife Generation’s Spring into Action project took to  the streets once again to re-claim our connection with nature!!!!!
We spent a few weeks learning all about the environment around us from the WildLife Trust and how we could sustain and protect it. We began the work by taking time out to learn about natural trees, plants and habitats in the neighbourhood of Hallywell Crescent and sowing wild flowers to brighten up the green under the trees.

We made great bird feeders from recycled drinks bottles, bits of twigs and some rope.

By putting those three things together and painting them in bright colours we were able to hang our colourful bird feeders on trees around Hallywell Crescent. Believe it or not, these trees are just in front of a very busy street which doesn’t usually see such brightness.

We collected lots of used and old containers to make into planters like old buckets, tool boxes, empty chocolate boxes etc. We then decorated these containers filled with evergreen plants or herbs that are wildlife friendly.

We then knocked on resident’s doors and gave away the finished planters to interested residents. As we were working on the street by this stage, some of the young people came out to get involoved with creating their own planters with their own pots / containers.
The residents including Mr Wise  (yes that was his name) was very happy to receive a planter and thought it was a great initiative – especially as they themselves learnt the beauty of re-using things they would otherwise throw away 
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